Ramey has studied film with Robert Bresson and Georges Franju in Paris, France and has a degree in Mass Communications from Southern Illinois University.

     He has worked for years with ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News as well as NHK, Israeli and Taiwan Television.

     He was the first network cameraman  on site at Shanksville, PA on 9/11, has helmed million dollar projects and has been written up in national trade publications for breakthroughs in the video production process.

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Ramey Elliot / Abacus Group




Over 30 Years of Film and Video Services



America's Most Wanted, Los Angeles, CA

Amoco Oil Company, Chicago, IL

Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis, MO

AT&T, Baskin Ridge, NJ

Audi Motor Car Company, Detroit, MI

Baldor Electric Company, Fort Smith, AR

Bloomberg Television, New York, NY

Brown Group, St. Louis, MO

Burr Communications, Washington, DC

Burson-Marsteller, Chicago, IL

CBS, New York, NY

Citicorp, New York, NY­

Cohn & Wolfe, New York, NY

CoinCo, St. Louis, MO

DaimlerChrysler, Detroit, MI

EDS, Dallas, TX

Emerson Electric Company, St. Louis, MO

Euro-Pacific Film & Video, Shrewsbury, NJ

Fleishman-Hillard Inc., St. Louis, MO

General Motors, Detroit, MI

Georgia-Pacific Corp., Atlanta, GA

Good Morning America, New York, NY­

Hard Copy, Los Angeles, CA

IBM, Atlanta, GA

Israeli Television, Washington, DC

Lasik Vision Institute, Lake Worth, FL

Lifetime Television, New York, NY

Little Caesars Pizza, Detroit, MI

MasterCard, New York, NY

Merck & Company Inc., Rahway, NJ

Monsanto Corporation, St. Louis, MO

MTV/Nickelodeon, New York, NY

NHK, Tokyo, Japan

N. Lee Lacy, Los Angeles, CA

N.W. Ayer, New York, NY

NBC Nightly  News, New York, NY

Nightline, New York, NY

PBS, Washington, DC

Pizza Hut, Dallas, TX

Ralston-Purina Corporation, St. Louis, MO

Reuters TV, Washington, DC

Russo Marsh + Copsey, Washington, DC

Scripps Productions, Knoxville, TN

Sensient Technologies, Milwaukee, WI

Shoah Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Sunday Morning, New York, NY

Tactical to Practical, Corte Madera, CA

Taiwan Television, New York, NY

This Week With David Brinkley, Wash., DC

Today Show, New York, NY­

United Artists, Dallas, TX

Vision Care Holdings,  Lake Worth, FL

VisualFrenzy, Toronto, ON

Waste Management Corp., Chicago, IL